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Sweatcoin App
Hi, we're Sweatcoin. We want a healthier you on a healthier planet. We achieve this by converting your steps into a currency to spend on cool products and services
Why are we doing this? Because your steps have value — to you, your health insurer and to society
Soon Sweatcoins will become a universally accepted form of payment
Walk, earn, spend, repeat.
It pays to walk.
Data privacy
We do not sell your data
The safety of your data is our top priority. It is not for sale to any third party, and never will be.
We are the fastest growing
health app ever.
Steps converted into currency
(shown in real time)
Academic research confirms that Sweatcoin
causes a sustained uplift in physical activity.
British Journal of Sports Medicine
Sweatcoin has achieved sustainable physical activity behaviour change using a viable business model that can continuously reward its users for being active. Future public health organisations may benefit from establishing partnerships with the commercial sector to deliver sustainable incentive-driven programmes.
Activity increase
What can I buy with my sweatcoins?
Buy offers
Goods, services and experiences ranging from high-tech shoes to iPhones, from anti-gravity yoga classes to Apple Watches.
An even better way to use your sweatcoins is to give them to charity. Once our community has crowdfunded enough sweatcoins to reach the target sum, we donate to our NGO partners. We support environmental, humanitarian and animal preservation causes.
How do sweatcoins get their value?
The value of a sweatcoin is derived from our wide-reaching partnerships. From brands that want to connect with health conscious audiences, insurers wishing to encourage healthier lifestyle choices and governments looking to reduce healthcare costs.

Sweatcoin work with the NHS to deliver Healthy Incentive programmes across the country, using personalised data-driven approaches to deliver sustained behaviour change. Click here to learn more

Innovative insurance companies are using Sweatcoin as an insurance distribution and a policyholder engagement platform.
Sweatcoin helps users become +20% more active each day, even after 6 months — this has the potential to transform public health, by using Sweatcoin as a prevention tool for sustained behaviour change.
Advisory board
Lord hunt of kings heath
Professor Richard Barker OBE
Peter hudson ellis
Dr nick cavill
Dr Charles Alessi
Sweatcoin enjoys the advice of a number of recognised professionals in the healthcare field. They have been carefully selected and appointed for their personal qualities, experience, and specialist knowledge, ensuring an independent perspective to decision making.