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Give people a cause worth sweating for
Welcome to Sweatcoin For Good (S4G). We're here to use our new technology to do good things for
The Planet

We've worked with 100+ charities

Sweatcoin charitySweatcoin charitySweatcoin charitySweatcoin charitySweatcoin charity

Fundraising in Sweatcoins

Every week, we feature charitable campaigns for our users to support through their sweatcoins.


We find a corporate donor to sponsor your campaign.

Go live

Your campaign goes live in the Sweatcoin app for a week.


Users donate their sweatcoins to hit your fundraising goal.


When the sweatcoin target is hit, the donor releases the funds.

Sweatcoin charity

Are you a charity?

Sweatcoin charity

Are you a sponsor?

More ways to partner with us


We work with entertainment, educational, and active events. We can create exclusive marketplaces filled with deep discounts and event partner products, accessible only to participants of your event. We also run friendly competitions with live leaderboard step counts and set targets for the participants to complete as

Custom partnerships

We're eager to use our tech for good. We can build out customised partnerships to support humanitarian, animal welfare, and environmental issues.

Donating to worthy causes through Sweatcoin makes me feel connected to Earth and to the people I’m helping, even if I may never meet them in my lifetime. For years, I've felt sad that I couldn’t contribute financially to the basic needs of my fellow humans. Sweatcoin has given me the opportunity to help others and all I have to do is walk.

Nerci Jannete Rodriguez-Lopez
Sweatcoin user

Live Campaigns

Meet the S4G team

We're so proud to be building out this amazing part of Sweatcoin if you'd like to know more get in touch:
Jana Dowling

Jana Dowling

Head of Sweatcoin for Good

Jessica Penny

Lara Raven

CSR Partnership Manager